“A dreamlike experience.”

Training at Pacific Top Team has been a great experience. Great people, Coaches and the head instructor is a very skilled and friendly teacher. The people here become more than class mates. They become well respected peers and team mates. Like a Jiu-Jitsu family. We learn together every class and get stronger together. Gaining skill and knowledge about the martial art of Jiu-Jitsu and real tools and techniques we can use in a real life situation. Training here, a person gains more than just stripes on a belt but, all of these things as well.

— Jeremy Reed

“I can’t wait until next summer!”

Amazing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy!!! I am presently visiting from Canada and have been very well received by all staff and other students. The facilities are very big, with two mats for different classes at the same time which make the atmosphere of the place pretty awesome because both kids and parents can train. 

Pacific Top Team is a big friendly family environment which has a place for any kind of person who wants to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Totally recommend it! Professor Juan Pablo is an amazing and dedicated professor and it is a honor to have learned from him.

— Stephanie Girard


Excellent instructors with a family friendly environment as well as world class jiu jitsu classes. I highly recommend Pacific Top Team Corona as an authentic source for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Professor JP Garcia has traveled the world training and teaching and his experience is brought out in the teaching from all the instructors. The staff is professional and caring, and also if you're looking for high level Jiu Jitsu the training is incredible. I Highly recommend you try PTT Corona!!

— Professor Erik Klinger (Level Up BJJ Academy Founder)


“Everything we wanted and more.”

My husband is extremely happy with this academy! Professor Garcia was there for us during though times, his support and genuine character speaks for it self. I've had the opportunity to visit the academy several times and have seen the dedication and commitment he demonstrates to his students.

— Priscilla Chavez


I have visited over 100 academies over the past 8 years. This is one of my top 10 places to visit. Family friendly and extremely welcoming. If you live in  the area stop on by and see for yourself.

— Mike Young


“Stellar, professional service.”

There are many BJJ academies in the riverside/corona area and I encourage you to try them all to see the one you prefer. All I can say about PTT is that the professor, coaches and students are all awesome. In addition, from what I see, the kids have a blast! They're a burst of energy and one of my favorite things is walking in and seeing the kids have so much fun. Moreover, BJJ is a humbling sport and with the proper guidance anyone can become good.  With that said, I hope you give PTT a try and become part of the family.

— Veasna Chiek

“4 thumbs way up from my daughter!”

About 7 months ago I asked my 5 year old daughter Mia to choose between Dance classes or JiuJitsu, and let me tell you that that has been the best decision she could have made. It's amazing to see how much my daughter loves it. She talks about JiuJitsu every day. At first I was hesitant because I didn't know whether to put her in because in my head it was a "BOY SPORT". But thanx to this program my daughter is learning respect, self discipline, self defense, umong many other things. I'm sure Mia will continue to use jiujitsu in her every day life. Thank you so much to Coach Kim for the amazing work you do with my daughter!

— Daisy T.

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