Summer Rash Guard Super Sale


Rashguards are essential for Training Jiu Jitsu! Once you have trained in a rash guard you will never go back! Check out these benefits to training with a rash guard

Reducing bacteria spread

Everyone knows that skin to skin contact in Jiu Jitsu can means the spread of bacteria. Even in the gi, your kimono top can open and the chance of spreading bacteria heightens. If you wear a rashguard underneath your gi, even if it opens, the chance of bacteria spreading is much less. This is important so that you can keep your skin happy, and avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor.

All about the grips and controls

When rolling or competing, sweat can become a serious factor. The more you sweat, the more slippery that you become. Because of this, your opponent can begin to slip out of certain submissions and your grips can become much less effective. When you wear a rashguard, especially, a long sleeve rashguard, you are giving yourself more traction and friction to finish submissions and giving yourself better control.

Possible injury prevention 

When your muscles are compressed, they are less likely to become injured. Muscle pulls and strains are common and usually accidental. When wearing a rashguard that fits perfect, you will find yourself not getting injured as easily. The compression also allows for your muscles to recover more quickly, which will mean less soreness in the long-run.

Mat & Gi burn prevention 

One of the annoying issues in Jiu Jitsu is mat burn or your Gi irritating you. You can get pretty painful mat burns when training. Rashguards will prevent that mat burn and Gi Burn from occurring on your chest, back and arms (if you’re wearing a long-sleeve one). While mat burn isn’t a huge injury, it can still hurt and affect your performance.

As a Jiu Jitsu student, you should always have at least two rashguards in your closet, even if you are a gi player. Having them will help you out in your training and competitions. And added bonus!! Jiu Jitsu rash guards can be used for water or outdoor sports during the summer!

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