Top 5 Reasons Why Kids Can Benefit from BJJ

Top 5 Reasons Why Getting Kids Can Benefit from BJJ

There is so much activities that we can have our kids indulge these days. Modern life has made it very convenient for anyone who enjoys the occasional distractions this goes the same for our kids. Why not get them into sports for a change. After all, the old approach to raising your kids is also the best way. I, for one, am a big fan of BJJ as being awesome for kids.

Reason #1: Kids need goals.

Yes. You heard it. Starting them young and teach them how to set goals for themselves. Trust me, you will thank us in the future. The entire structure of BJJ is centered towards multiple set of goals presented over a period of a student's growth. Setting up our kids to appreciate goals will teach to strive further!


Reason #2: BJJ is a safe form of martial arts

Yes. BJJ also known as a gentle art is as safe as it could be. I have yet to see a kid lose an eye. Believe it. It's true. Aside from safety standards set by BJJ schools in the United States, instructors take the best measures in making sure that the environment is safe enough for both instructors and students. Although, let me remind you that not all schools are lead, created the same. In my future articles, I will show you a definitive guide in choosing the best schools for your kids.

Reason #3: Competition is healthy

We all love to compete. Human beings are hardwired to best another. however, in BJJ, there is no such thing as losing. Kids will learn the valuable lesson of winning; that there is always grace in winning. And in losing; where there is no such thing, only learningg. 


Reason #4: BJJ teaches discipline

Discipline distinguishes successful people from the mediocre stock. It is discipline that determines a person's value. What does BJJ have to do with it? Quite a lot. BJJ teaches discipline. A disciplined instructor, BJJ professor produces disciplined students. Trust me. This will go a long way for every student.

Reason #5: BJJ is healthy.

here are countless studies that provide concrete evidence that physical activity has numerous health benefit. Why not choose an activity for those young ones that is more fun and interactive. Play actually actually ends between the age of 10 to 12. During this period, a kid will then establish his liking to physical activities. Keeping them physically active is the key to a healthy lifestyle. 

IBJJF Pan Kids champion





PTT Kids: Tiny Ninjas-Ages 3-5

Ptt Kids jiu jitsu corona

At PTT, we start our kids program at Age 3 and have a great Tiny Ninja Class for our 3-4 year olds, This class is designed for our youngest students to introduce them to Jiu Jitsu and a more formal class structure/settings. The class is a balance of letting these energetic little guys expend their energy while learning how to follow directions, interact with kids their age, build confidence and build teamwork skills as well as develop agility, flexibility and coordination.

The curriculum includes fun games and interactive drills that teach basic jiu jitsu movements, concepts, terminology and beginner techniques to ensure a strong foundation and better understanding of BJJ. We help reinforce strong core values and character development through our mat chats and classes to help parents instill strong lifelong values in their children.


  • Coordination-building drills and movement exercises

  • Simplified explanation of Character Development

  • Beginner Jiu Jitsu Concepts, terminology and techniques


  • Learn self-discipline and build confidence

  • Develop respect for instructors and peers

  • Improve coordination and agility

This class meets on Tuesday & Thursday at 4:30pm and is taught and overseen by our Head Kids Instructor Kim Bowser. To schedule your Tiny Tot for a trial class, give us a call today!

(951) 662-0162

Well Deserved Promotions

As we are nearing the end of 2018, our students from our Tiny’s (Ages 3-4) to our Adults aren’t slowing down at all with their training!! They are consistent and dedicated!! Lots of stripes have been awarded the last couple of weeks and we are excited for our end of the year kids and Adult Belt Test coming up in December! Check out some of the promotion pictures from the last couple of weeks!

kids Bjj corona Ptt
woman's Bjj inland empire
jiu jitsu corona riverside
jiu jitsu promotions corona lauren soto

If you are interested in learning more about our programs please give us a call at 951-662-0162 and get started today!!

Halloween Party Recap

Amazing Halloween Party at Pacific Top Team Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Corona. The kids played games, participated in a costume contest, won prizes/candy, and danced! Congratulations to the costume contest winners!
Fantastic job Coach Kim! What an incredible Kids Halloween Party. Thank you everybody that was able to make it out and enjoyed our 3rd Annual Halloween Party. Can’t wait til next year.

jiu jitsu halloween party in corona

Tiny Ninjas Training Jiu Jitsu

Tiny Ninjas Training Jiu Jitsu

We are so proud of all of our Tiny Ninjas and love to be able to positively impact their lives at such a young age! If you are interested in having your 3-5 year old try our Tiny Ninja class, contact us at (951) 662-0162 to schedule your free class today. Be sure to mention our 30 day FREE Trial and get your child training today!

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Kids Martial Arts in Corona

Kids Martial Arts Corona

Here in the picture you can see some of our kids after the Pacific Top Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kids martial arts classes and belt promotion in Corona. The Kids Jiu Jitsu and martial arts program at Pacific Top Team Jiu Jitsu in Corona focuses on not only effective Jiu Jitsu techniques but also on other life skills such as building long lasting friendships, being confident and driven, becoming empathetic and helpful towards others, patience and leadership skills, among other things. If you live in Corona, Riverside, Norco, or Rancho Cucamonga you should consider giving your child a leg up on this next school year and a possible leg up in life, through the time tested Life Skills and taught at Pacific Top Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids martial arts classes in Corona on 210 Dupont ST.

Call today, (951) 662 - 0162 and ask about our 30 day FREE Program for children ages 3 to 14. Find out if their is space for your child in this introductory program and give your child the gift of Life Skills and Martial Arts.
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