Happy New Years!! Let's talk about Goals!

Happy 2019!!!

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New Years brings a lot of people to New Years Resolutions. What is a resolution? It’s a firm decision to do or not do something. I think most people think of resolutions as all or nothing. A common New’s Year Resolution is to Lose weight. The problem is, is that the second you don’t make an effort to lose weight, maybe you have a bad day or skip out on the gym once, you make the conclusion that you have failed your resolution and then you quit on it. I don't believe in New Years Resolutions, however I do think the new year is an excellent time to write Goals for the next year.

Goals are different from resolutions in that they are not all or nothing. You set a goal, then you make a plan and set out to work on it everyday. It doesn’t matter if you have a momentary slip up, you can start again the next day. Setting goals is important to make improvements and progress in life. If you don’t set conscience goals, then life will just pass you by. Teaching kids at a young age how to set goals is an important life skill. This week GOALS are our topic of our mat chats at Pacific Top Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Corona. From our 5 year olds to our teens, we are talking about What goals are, Why they are important to have and what some of our personal goals are. It’s amazing once you get a conversation like this started, how bright our PTT kids are and the reasons they came up with of why goals are important to have. Just a few reasons the kids at Pacific Top Team feel it’s important to have goals

  1. Goals motivate you.

  2. Goals help you grow

  3. Goals help you have a target to shoot for

  4. Goals help you develop a plan to reach your dreams

  5. Goals Hold you accountable.

  6. Goals give you direction

  7. Goals give your confidence

  8. Goals give you purpose

  9. Goals help you have a feeling of accomplishment

  10. Goals help you to BE YOUR BEST

What are your Goals? Do you have yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals? Does your child?

Want your child to learn how to set goals while being active, learning self defense and antbully skills? Then Jiu Jitsu should be on their schedule for 2019 and we have the program for them! We have classes for kids starting at young as 3 years old! Don’t Wait! Call today and schedule their Intro class!

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