Evolution of the Spider Queen

Hi Everyone! My name is Coach Kim and I have put together a blog series about the evolution of my journey as a guard player. I hope you enjoy and feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions or comments you may have! I always love to hear from Fellow Jiu Jitsero!! 


To start I want to talk a bit about myself and how I started Jiu Jitsu. I started Jiu Jitsu because I thought it would be a great form of self defense. My intentions when I started was to only train 1 day a week because I was a committed runner at the time. Quickly I fell in love with that sport and started running less and training Jiu Jitsu more. The first time I was introduced to spider guard I had only trained about 2 months. Everything was confusing. I didn't understand which leg was supposed to be straight and which one bent. I could barely move my hips from side to side. It all was really confusing and all the upper belts I trained with talked about spider guard like it was very complex and advanced. When I started Jiu Jitsu I didn't like to play guard anyways because once my guard was passed I was stuck on bottom being smashed. So I never put much thought into this first taste of spider guard and continued training for over a year as a guard for passer. Never in my life would I have thought to pull guard by choice.

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Drills of getting into the position

Drills of getting into the position

Coach Kim BJJBrick Podcast Interview

BJJBrick Podcast is a very prestigious AND FUN Jiu Jitsu podcast where recently our very own Coach Kim was interview couple months ago. Episode just was release today. Enjoy!

From BJJBrick Podcast website:

women only jiu jitsu

Kim Pruyssers

Women Program Head Coach

This week we bring you an interview with Kim Pruyssers. Kim is a purple belt in BJJ, she recently placed silver at Pan Am. You can find Kim training at Pacific Top Team in Corona California.

We talk about:

-Juggling a busy life and training BJJ
-Her competition history
-Training full time and raising four boys
-Transitioning from only training with the gi and now doing no-gi
-Some of her favorite attacks
-Her first experiences with Jiu-Jitsu
-Her women’s only program and why it is successful
-Lessons she has learned by coaching
-Why some women’s classes fail
-Her strategy for competing in open weight
-Advice for women starting BJJ in a class with all men
-Training on a busy schedule
-Advice for dealing with frustrations on the mat

To hear the interview CLICK HERE