Bring a Buddy Day

What’s more fun than Jiu Jitsu classes? Bringing a BUDDY to Jiu Jitsu Class with you!!! All our kids are invited for this special event on Friday, January 25 @ 5pm. This event is open to all our Kids training at Pacific Top Team and is FREE for everyone, the only requirement is that you bring a BUDDY with you to enjoy the fun!!

kids jiu jitsu event corona

We will have a special Jiu Jitsu Class taught by Professor JP, Games, and after Pizza for Everyone!! Kids will help teach their buddy the ins and outs of Jiu Jitsu, from bowing into class, line drills and partnering with them for techniques! You don’t want to miss this SPECIAL, FUN Event!

When: Jan 25 @5pm

Where: PTT Corona-210 Dupont St. Suite 104

Cost: FREE-Kids must bring a buddy to attend!

Any Questions, feel free to call or text (951)662-0162

End of the Year Kids Belt Promotions

Kids Jiu Jitsu Belt Promotions Corona

We host kids belt promotions at Pacific Top Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3-4 times a year. We are so proud of all our kids for their hard work and dedication on the mats. We had over 20 kids test and be promoted this time! Way to end the year strong!

Congratulation everyone on their new belts!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches your child how to win and loose like a champion

This weekend I took my son to the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. For those of you that don't know, this is an event for the boys to build and decorate a car to race down a track. My 8 year old son won 1st place in his den. Instead of enjoying his moment that he had won, he was crying because not a single on of the other boys in his den said Congratulations or were happy for him. 

Kids Jiu Jits corona.jpg

Poor sportsmanship is something that is often seen in kids, but Brazilian Jiu Jitsu requires us to ultimately win or loose on the mat everyday. Having to deal with this daily, helps us learn how to respond to it. Kids are learning how to react appropriately to many things in life. We have to teach them these things. Jiu Jitsu helps teach kids respect, discipline, focus, sportsmanship, good attitude, determination and much more. For kids every class includes a mat chat circle, a time to talk and address many of these character traits we want to build up in kids. It's important for kids to learn that they can't brag when they win or pout when they loose. That it is important to be happy for other people successes and that every time will not be your time, but team mates support each other in the good and bad. 


Interested in having your child join us on the mats?? Contact us today at (951) 662-0162

and be sure to ask about our 30 day FREE Trial!

How Jiu Jitsu Helps your Child's overall Athleticism

Kids can begin training Jiu Jitsu as early as 3 years old at Pacific Top Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Corona. Having your child begin Jiu Jitsu at such a young age will definitely give them a jump start in their athleticism. Promoting active kids is an important aspect of their development and promotes a healthy lifestyle early on. Most kids try many different sports in their lifetime, but Jiu Jitsu makes a great compliment to any other activity. Jiu Jitsu increases body awareness and movement, increases strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health in kids. 

At Pacific Top Team we have our kids program broken up into 4 age groups so all the kids get the best training with kids of similar physical abilities. Tiny Ninjas is for kids ages 3-4, Little Ninjas for 5-6 year olds, Junior for 7-9 years old and Teens for ages 10+ 

jiu jitsu classes in corona

We love to hear directly from our kids how Jiu Jitsu has had a positive affect on their lives. A common answer we hear is how it has increased their confidence and given them skills to stand up to bullies. Recently one of our Little Ninjas, Hayden who has been training for about 6 months has also started to play baseball. He hit a home run at one of his first games of the season and was excited to come and tell us about it. 

"Guess What Coach Kim!! I got a home run at my Baseball Game!  And Jiu Jitsu Helped me get it! You know why?  Because Jiu Jitsu has made me Strong!!"

Super Congrats on your recent Home run Hayden!! We love to see you being successful in all areas of your life!!  

Hayden-a Little Ninja at PTT that was recently promoted to his White with Gray Belt in Brazilian         Jiu Jitsu and All Star Baseball Player!!!

Hayden-a Little Ninja at PTT that was recently promoted to his White with Gray Belt in Brazilian         Jiu Jitsu and All Star Baseball Player!!!