Jiu Jitsu-therapy for your soul!

To the outside eye, fighting may sound violent, Jiu Jitsu teaches you how to fight in a controlled manner but what most people don't realize is that the heart of jiu jitsu is not fighting other people, you are fighting against your own demons and trying to beat them. Doing jiujitsu opens the doors to a journey of introspection in which you end up realizing that you have a much greater strength than you think you have. Not only for women, who socially and consistently have been perceived as weaker beings, but on a general level as a society. Everyone has their own problems and, in one way or another, we have all have felt vulnerable or unable to meet the goals we set for ourselves. Through jiujitsu, one learns to channel all those mental and physical frustrations, and carries out along a path of constant learning and corporal and mental rediscovery.

NABJJF San Diego International Tournament

The body gradually becomes used to movements that were completely foreign and those trainings that seemed eternal and impossible to complete become more bearable and you begin to understand that you are able to do so much more that you thought you were. On top of it all you are learning and the enjoyment of acquiring knowledge makes them a constant feeling of joy.

Everything starts with setting small but important goals to be met daily or weekly, For example: train three times this week or train three times a week for three months; then make them happen. Little by little the mind becomes used to a more positive way of thinking and leaves behind blockages that led it to feel that it was or deserved failure.

Jiujitsu works as a therapy to demonstrate to the mind, through the body, how strong it is and how what could previously torment it today, through hard work and perseverance, becomes a new tool.


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