Student Appreciation In House Recap

On Saturday September 7th, EDJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Corona hosted the Student Appreciation In House Tournament!

Bjj in house tournament corona

The purpose of an In House tournament is to give kids a glimpse and similar feeling to competition jiu jitsu in a fun and friendly environment. Competing in Jiu Jitsu can be nerve racking and many practitioners will never experience competing because of the nerves. We are proud to see so many feel comfortable and confident to participate in the In-House and also are so proud that our team is strong in our sportsmanship to encourage and support each other no matter what. When you get past the goal of winning and focus on pushing each other to the next level is when you see true growth and the rise of the team together. This is one of our missions here at EDJ and it was clearly demonstrated over the weekend!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition corona

Lots of kids participating from Our Tiny Ninjas (3-4 year olds) to our Adults. Everyone looked great on the mats and we are so proud to see everyone’s constant improvement. Congratulations to all our competitors!


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