Recap of Self Defense Work Shop at EDJ Riverside

Self Defense Riverside

July 29th Professor Juan Pablo Garcia, 2nd Degree Black Belt at EDJ Riverside hosted a FREE community Event for Everyone to come and learn some Self Defense Skills and equip themselves with tools to defend themselves. We were so happy to have some many new people on the mats!! Self Defense is an overlooked skill. Most of us are naive and think we will never be attacked but statistics are real and chance that someone will become a victim of a violent crime in Riverside County alone is 1 in 200. Invest in yourself and take the necessary steps to know how to defend yourself properly!

EDJ Riverside specializes in Jiu Jitsu which is martial art designed for a weaker, smaller person to be able to close distance and control a bigger stronger opponent. Come Train with us! What are we training for? To save our lives!

Thanks to everyone that joined us for this free event!

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