Featured Student: Rich Smith

Let’s start out with some quick facts about you…

Age: 34

Belt: White

Profession: Warehousing and Logistics Manager

How many years in BJJ: Off and on for the last 10 years

Other martial arts: Wrestling

Where do you live: Eastvale, CA

Where are you originally from: Chino, CA USA

Other fun or curious information you'd like to share:

I enjoy lifting, surfing, and spending time with my family in Big Bear CA

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu student in corona

Tell us what inspired you to train? 

I was inspired by my son Wyatt to start training again. Seeing how much he enjoyed the atmosphere made me realize how much I missed it. It is also a way for me be a good example for my kids.

What are the things you enjoy about BJJ? 

Education, every day you can learn something new about yourself

Can you give us some examples of experiences you had that makes it worth training? 

Training at the same academy as my son has helped us bond on a different level. We are learning together and can see each other on common ground outside of the usual father son relationship

What has so far been the most surprising experience for you when Training? 

The biggest surprise has been my lack or cardio. Grappling endurance is whole different thing

If you were to pass on training advice to your fellow training partners, what would it be? 

Be patient, chase the knowledge, and don’t quit.

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