Sophia Zika 2019 IBJJF PAN Kids CHAMPION

Kid Pans is the largest kids tournament out there, and brings young talented from around the world.  This year it toke place February 17th in Long Beach at the Walter Pyramid.  Congratulations to our student Sophia Zika! After a serie of great results, she is bringing the highest kids title home! Hard work pays off! Well deserved Sophy! Congrats! 

Sophia IBJJF PAN KIDS podium

Sophia IBJJF PAN KIDS podium

Competition is a fantastic way for the Kids to test themselves, and it’s a great learning tool.  They can learn the joy of hard work paying off, how to deal with a loss, and how to come back even stronger and more determined.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan Am champion in Corona

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