Purple and Brown Belt Promotion at PTT Corona

Saturday, January 19th was a special day her at our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Corona. We hosted a open guard workshop with special guest Instructor Coach Felipe, however it was a disguise for a few very special surprise belt promotions!

In the middle of Coach Felipe teaching a technique, Professor JP approached saying he needed to fix something. Alarmed, Felipe started backing away, only to realize what needed fixing was his belt color being changed out. What an exciting way to receive a belt!

Congratulations to our Dear Coach Felipe Hennings on his promotion to purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Coach Felipe has been working very hard and we are so proud for this promotion!!!

BJJ purple belt Bjj promotion corona

Another exciting promotion was for Coach Jonathon Cervantes Lara on his promotion to Brown Belt! Jonathon recently joined us from Mexico and now is a brown belt in Judo as well as Jiu Jitsu! Be sure to check out one of his classes here at PTT Corona!!

Jonathon promotion.jpg
Brazilian jiu jitsu corona

Thanks to Everyone that made it out Saturday to support Jonathon and Felipe with their promotions! We could not be more proud!!!

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