Grandmaster Francisco Mansor Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for

Teens & Adults Seminar

Have you ever wanted to train directly with one of the early day founders of Jiu Jitsu as we know it today?

Grand Master Francisco Mansor

Discover secrets directly from the Grandmaster! Grandmaster Francisco Mansor, 9th-degree red belt and 50-year student under the late founding father of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Grandmaster Helio Gracie, Grandmaster will be here from Brazil for a very special seminar in Corona, at Pacific Top Team on Sunday, August 12st
Don't miss this unique opportunity to train with the legend, almost 80-year-old Grandmaster Mansor. Grandmaster Francisco Mansor is one of the original Jiu-Jitsu pioneers having fought 39 Vale Tudo (no-holds-barred) fights in defense of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu method and name and also being a legend of the Rio De Janeiro police force, even taking 11 bullets to the body in his overall career. He became famous more so for being one of the founders of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt system and point rules system along with his master, the late Grandmaster Helio Gracie 10th degree red belt. This is a great opportunity for students of all ages and ranks to train with this living legend.
6:00 pm Sharp
Registration: Teens & adults $45 (cash only please)

Location: Pacific Top Team Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Corona (210 Dupont St. Corona, Califonia)

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Juan Garcia

Learn from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu II Degree Black Belt Professor Juan Pablo Garcia! This gentlemen have over 20 years of experience, He helped develop BJJ in Latin America, has traveled for many years teaching classes and seminars, competing, and training all over the world in countries like Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany and throughout the USA.! Whether you are looking to learn self defense, lose weight, or compete in Martial Arts, Professor Garcia have the knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Be part of the evolution of Martial Arts in Corona and Inland Empire as you train in our cutting edge systems of martial arts!