Jiu Jitsu World League and Chilean Competition Results

Congrats Russel and Sophia Zika on your performances over the weekend at the Jiu Jitsu World League held in Orange County at the Santiago Canyon College.  Also, Congratulations to Antonella Mareco for your Gold at the No Gi Tournament in Chile. 

Competing is a very personal, but we support and help prepare anyone that has the goal to compete. Our competitors compete often and podium pics are the best reward for all the long hours of preparing for the competition. 

Sophia Zika (13) has been training for 2.5 years now and is rocking the female grey belt competition scene. She is diverse player with both a strong top and bottom Game. Congratulations on your wins this weekend. 1 by submission and 1 by points

Sophia-True Champion! Wins and looses like one!

Sophia-True Champion! Wins and looses like one!

Russel Zika (15) is a naturally talented athlete training at Pacific Top Team in Corona. After defeating two top ranked boys in his Teen category, he had to bow out of the final due to an injury. We are very proud of you Russel!!!

Russel Zika Santiago College Orange County

Antonella Mareco was here in California with us at the PTT Headquarters in Corona training for a month. Her first competition back in Chile showed the time was well spent! She won Gold in the No Gi Competition finishing all fights with a Kimura! We are all super proud of our team in Chile!

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Speaking of Kimura's, it's our technique of the week at Pacific Top Team in Corona. Be sure to jump into class to learn how to set up this high percentage submission and strong details to finish. 

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