2018 Year in Review

2018 was an exciting year at Pacific Top Team! Catch the highlights with our year in review!


The year started strong with Coach Kim traveling to Lisbon, Portugal and winning DOUBLE GOLD at the IBJJF European Championship and capturing our first European Titles for us here at Pacific Top Team Corona.

ibjjf European champion kim bowser


Every year in February we throw a big party to celebrate the Academy Anniversary. This year we celebrated with our biggest party yet! Seminar, belt promotions and a bounce house for the kids! It was an amazing, fun filled day celebrating the growth of our Academy and all the students and families that make it up.

jiu jitsu corona


In March we hosted a Pan Ams intense training Camp and had several of our Chilean Athletes come to participate in the camp and compete at IBJJF Pan Ams in Irvine, CA. We had 10 competitors fight their hearts out and brought home 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze medal for the team. Exciting moment of Pan Ams was Brianne Gomez winning her division and receiving her Blue Belt on the Podium!

ibjjf pan ams competitors jiu jitsu corona


April bought on a new school Affiliate in New Mexico with Professor Rocky. Professor JP Garcia went out for the first of many seminars in New Mexico and is super excited and proud to have New Mexico join the team

jiu jitsu corona

May & June

kids teens summer camp

Summer Camps at PTT made their Debut this year! We hosted several summer camps over the summer with 2 of them in the month of June! The first was for our teens/advanced students with a hard competition based camp that ended with a lock in/sleepover at the Academy. Then we had a camp for our younger kids ages 6-12 that focused on wrestling, BJJ, games, life skills and more mixed in with lots of fun! The kids and instructors had a blast and these camps will for sure be an annual tradition to. take place in the summer at PTT Corona


July brought some big belt promotions for our Team. Officer Kevin received his Black Belt, Mr. Li his Brown belt and Coach Fabian Soto, head coach in Chile to Brown as well. We are so proud of all the hard work and dedication of our students and share in their success.

black belt Bjj promotion
brown belt jiu jitsu promotion corona


In August we had a World Masters Camp, hosting competitors from Ecuador and Chile. The highlight of World Master was Adriana Guijarro, a doctor who traveled from Chile where she trains with Coach Fabian Soto to the United States and won her Division in Blue Belt Rooster and received her purple belt on the podium.

ibjjf world master champion


Coach Bryan Giroux travels to New York to compete in the IBJJF No Gi Pan Ams and brought home Gold for the team and Professor Jp took his annual trip to PTT Berlin, Germany for a intense jiu jitsu camp with Daniel Bohn

ibjjf no gi pan ams bryan giroux
jiu jitsu germany edj


One of our favorite times of year is the fall when we have our annual Halloween Party and take the team to the SJJIF Worlds in Long Beach. We had many competitors medal but this tournament highlight goes to Sophia Zika one of our hardest working teens in the Academy. Last year Sophia lost in the finals at this event and worked hard all year with the goal of coming back to win. She recently started High School wrestling in the summer and dove head first into not only claiming the GI podium but the No Gi Title as well. Big Congrats to Sophia for her Gold in Gi & and No Gi at the 2018 SJJIF Worlds and receiving your Yellow belt on the podium, .Your hard work and dedication is an inspiration to us all!

sophia zika teens jiu jitsu corona

November and December

The team went into the last couple month of the year strong, training hard and consistently. We hosted a student appreciation In-house tournament, had a service project collecting blankets and jackets for the homeless and celebrated the holiday season with our first team Christmas party. Coach Kim snatched one more title for the team winning IBJJF No GI Worlds and we had the best team picture to date.

family martial arts corona

We are excited for all the growth not just here in Corona, but all over. This year we added many affiliates in the U.S. and South America.

2018 Affiliates that have joined the team!

New Mexico-Professor Rocky

Hemet, California-Professor Boris Yee

Chile EDJ Casa Kano-Coach Ricardo

Ecuador 4 Affiliations

-Professor Diogenes

-Profesor Xavier Torres

-Efren Gonzales

-Shazkya Leon

Our mission at Pacific Top Team Corona is to provide strong leadership to help others believe in themselves and provide support to achieve your goals whether Its building strong character traits, discipline and focus in your kids, community for your family, personal goals as an athlete or pursuing your dream of having your own academy. This year we founded EDJ (Escuela de Jiu Jitsu) courses to help those individuals that are seeking to run their own academies have business and leadership support in the martial arts world.

2018 was great. We are excited for even more great things that are in the works for 2019!!!


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