Learn how you can boost your kids Confidence with Jiu Jitsu

As Parents we all want the best for our kids and raising confident kids is essential for them to find success everywhere in the life. Start your kids confidence at an early age by enrolling them in BJJ.  Here are 5 ways Jiu Jitsu helps build confidence in kids. 

BJJ Build Confidence in Kids

1. Teaching them that size or gender doesn't matter. BJJ is designed for a smaller, weaker person to be able to overpower and control someone that is bigger or stronger. Females can easily spar and win against males in this sport which will help young girls that they are capable of anything!

2. Bully Proofs your Child: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will empowers your kid so they won't ever think twice about standing up for themselves. Jiu Jitsu is a great form of self defense which will give your child confidence to know they are able to defend themselves if they ever need to. 

3. Helps them to realize that failure is part of life: Life is about making mistakes and having failures. Learning how to deal with this appropriately is an important life skill. Jiu Jitsu helps you to deal with those times and how to quickly come back from them stronger. Winning and Loosing happens everyday in Jiu Jitsu, It's part of the journey. Losses in jiu jitsu are often used as great motivated to come back even stronger instead of just giving up. Dealing with this helps kids realize that failure is part of the progress of life. 

4. Give them Mental and Physical integrity: Jiu Jitsu is a challenging sport both mentally and physically. Because it is so challenging it is also very rewarding. It forces your to be comfortable being uncomfortable. This strength will accompany them into their everyday lives enabling them to be better equipped for the challenges life will inevitably throw at them.

5. Progress is more important than perfection. Jiu Jitsu takes a lot of hours of mat time and repetitions to get good at one technique. No one comes in their first day knowing how to do anything  perfect. Jiu Jitsu teaches patience and that instant results are not going to happen, but with hard work and consistency they can accomplish anything they want!

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