How to Tie your Jiu Jitsu Belt

One of the first things you should learn when you begin Jiu Jitsu is how to tie your own belt. But it is often a simple task that most schools don't teach or your instructor will show you once, but you will not remember the proper way without practicing. When I started Jiu Jitsu I didn't even realize there was a proper way to tie your belt until my instructor made a scene in front of everyone "Come here so I can tie your belt properly, I'm sick of looking at how awful it looks". I was so embarrassed I went right home to find a video on how to properly tie my belt. While there are several ways to tie your Jiu Jitsu Belt, I like this way best because it will keep your belt tied and secure for a long period of time. If you have a child training Jiu Jitsu, by the time they have some color in their belt they should be able to tie their own belt. Show them this video and have them practice at home. As with anything else. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!

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