5 Tips for Competition Day for Your Child

5 Tips to make sure Competition Day goes Smooth for you and your Child

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1. Arrive at the Venue 1-2 hours before your scheduled fight time.
2. Listen for your group to be called to check in. Walk your child over and help them check in. Have your child do a few Jumping Jacks, squats or stretches to warm up once they are checked in.
3. Coach Kim will be Coaching this weekend. As soon as you know your Child’s Mat #, shoot her a text (951)293-1879 with your child’s name and mat # so she knows where she is needed.
4. Tell your Child to have fun and that you are proud of them whether they win on loose! Be proud of them for giving their best!
5. The kids fights are usually very quick and close together. Sometimes two kids are fighting at the same time. We will do our best to have someone in your Child’s corner. Please help with photos that day and forward any pictures from fights/podium pictures to pttcorona@gmail.com to future your child in our page and website. Let’s plan to take a Podium Picture with all the kids once everyone is done!

We are proud of our little Champions for all their effort they have put in to prepare to compete and excited to see them on the weekend!