NABJJF 14th Annual Tournament

NABJJF 14th Annual Tournament

Congratulation to all our kids and Adults that Competed at the NABJJF Annual Tournament in Cerritos. Everyone fought hard and was looked sharp.  Results for the Tournament


Jason-Gold No Gi, Silver Gi

Sophia-Gold Gi

Victoria-Gold Gi

Kai-Gold No Gi, Silver Gi

Gavin- Elliott- Gabriel- Felipe

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jiu jitsu champion corona
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We love to see our Students putting themselves out there and testing their skills. Competition is fun when you put in the work to prepare. 


Requirements to Compete: For anyone that wants to compete. Minimum 6 months training experience. It is mandatory to train minimum 4 times a week. For Kids they need to be a part ofthe Kids Advanced Program and be attending the Friday 6pm Kids Advanced class, and Saturday 11am Competition Class. For Adults, Mon/Wed/Friday at 7pm is dedicated to Sparring which is crucial for those wishing to compete.