Chile Jiu Jitsu Training Camp Recap

jiu jitsu camp chile

We just finished the Chile training Camp the week of June 26-July 1 in Santiago Chile at the Coach Fabian’s new school in Providencia, Santiago Chile.

It was a huge success and lots of fun with long team trainings and bonding on and off the mats. A few of the fun events that took place throughout the week when we weren’t training was wine tasting at one of Chile best Wineries.

jiu jitsu training camp

Chile is know for their amazing wine and we got some education of them. 

We finished the week with a Mambo-a chilean party of BBQ lamb that was cooked all day and all the fixing to go with it!! 

The Lamb!

The Lamb!


On the mat one of the most memorable events was an impromptu tournament style training. There were also lots of belt promotions throughout the week. 

Congrats to:

Camila Valdés - Blue Belt

Javier Benito - Blue Belt

Nicolas Pesso - Blue Belt

Felipe Roman - Blue Belt

German Perez - Blue Belt

Pablo Rodríguez - Purple Belt

Coach Kim did an amzing job teaching our PTT Girls in Chile, Coach Maria Jesus has work a lot on building the female team and we are super proud of how much the girls team has grown in Chile!

women only jiu jitsu


Coming up next is the European Training Camp in Berlin from September 18th-September 30th with Professor JP Garcia and then here in Corona to prepare for the SJJIF World at the end of October. We have a 3 week training camp planned from October 3-October 23 leading up to Worlds and anticipate having a lot of our international team mates here to train and compete with us. We are so excited and proud to see our team growing Internationally and for the Coaches that are leading the teams in other Countries!!