Pacific Top Team Now Carrying Finger Tape

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It's common to see Jiu Jitsu Practitioners use tape for their fingers. Sometimes for a specific Injury and for some it is an everyday ritual to maintain good support for their fingers. Some people believe that all tape is created equal, but it's not. 

Finger Tape™ is one of the best brands of finger tape on the market. An Australian based company that has really done their research in using the best materials and precise measurements on tape width to keep you enjoying the mats and not worrying about your finger. They cary a variety of tapes, some more breathable while others are more rigid for additional support. 

Finger Tape™  adhesive sports strapping tape can help prevent and manage finger injuries for active and awesome sports people. Finger is also very versitile. Tape your fingers to save your grips in jiu jitsu and judo, indoor and outdoor rock climbing or bouldering, basketball and volleyball.

For more information on Finger Tape™ check out their website, but be sure to stop by Pacific Top Team Corona to pick yours up today!!!!!

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