Master Joe Moreira Belt Ceremony and Seminar

Master Joe Belt Seminar.jpeg

Pacific Top Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu hosted Joe Moreira's Annual Belt Promotion and Seminar on Sunday, December 17th. It was an honor to host the event and have Master Joe share his knowledge and have so many black belts on the mats. Congratulations to Everyone that received new belts or degrees on their black belts.

Congrats to Everyone that was promoted!!

Roy Harris Black Belt 6 degree

Mauricio Costa Black Belt 5 degree

Rommel Dunbar Black Belt 5 degree

Luciana Bassoli Black Belt 5 degree

Randall Bloom Black Belt 5 degree

Alberto dias Black Belt 4 degree

Mike Tomacelli black belt 3 degree

Anthony Sgherzi Black Belt professor 2 degree

Borna Legacy Bakhtiari Black Belt 2 degree

Kimo Leopoldo Black Belt 2 degree

Rodrigo Cunha Black Belt instructor

Amanda Fraizer Black Belt

 Natalie Lopez Black Belt

Jeremy Michur Black Belt

David Brown Brown belt

Paola Ramirez Purple belt

Christina Lucidi.