SJJIF Worlds Tournament

SJJIF Worlds Championship was over the past weekend and Pacific Top Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu had competitors from our home school here in Corona as well as Chile and Germany representing.

                                                   SJJIF Worlds @ The Long Beach Arena

                                                   SJJIF Worlds @ The Long Beach Arena

Competing is very tough and a big challenge to take on both physically and mentally. It is a very personal decision and is not something that you will find success in from one day to the next.  It is a process and takes dedication, lots of hours training 4 to 8 times a week for months, sometimes years before you start seeing the top of the podium. Each competition is a learning experience and helps you identify your weakness to come back and fix the details.  Many times you miss these details in training because people train different in the academy than at tournaments.  The most important thing to find success is to continue to have an overall good attitude. A good attitude to learn, good attitude with your training partners and be grateful to them for the time they spend training with you to help you get better. Be grateful to your coaches that are happy for your success and put a lot of work and walk with you all of the way. Remember to have a good attitude when you win and also when you lose so you can learn from it and get better. Take responsibility for the result whether you win or lose. You are the only one who knows how much you train or if you are doing your drills. Be sure to ask good questions and trust your instructors! All of this will make you successful like all our champions this past weekend! 

Big Congrats to everyone who competed this weekend. We truly are extremely proud of everyone. The competitors from Chile made big news back home with 4 Gold Medals and and lots of silver, The Chileans have trained seriously for the event all year both physically and mentally. Last year Coach MJ came and won the first Gold Medal at the World's for Chile in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

This year Chile prepared 6 competitors for the SJJIF World Championship. Stephanie, Javiera, Pablo, Miguel, Javier Benito and Mauricio. They traveled a few weeks before the tournament to finish their training at PTT Corona in California.  They all worked very hard to earn the medals and we are so happy to see all their hard work pay off!!

Coach Daniel from Germany also traveled all the way from Germany to compete in the World's He won the Absolute division as a blue belt and was ready to fight his first World's at Purple. He had very tough fights and ended up taking home a Silver medal in No Gi

The Corona kids proved to be some of the best in their belts in the World. They all had tough matches to earn their medals.  Highlight of the weekend was Kai taking Bronze in the NoGI. He had very large brackets from both Gi and No Gi winning 3 fights with submissions. Our dear Sophia, redeemed herself beating a tough opponent who she had lost before. She ended up taking silver after making a little mistake in the finals but we know she will be back even stronger! Chris Vasquez won bronze in a super exciting fight against a Russian kid who beat the last year champion. He beat him in overtime and had everyone going crazy! Russel was super nice and let go of a submission in the first round that the ref did not see the kid tap so made him continue and lost on points. In his match for Bronze, he finished with a choke from the back and this time did not let go.  Jason, 13 years old had to fight in the 15 years old division and did amazing!! We are super proud of him for taking the challenge. Our dear Dani went out and gave her best, Big shoutout to Alex Diaz. He had an amazing performance at his first competition, but in his second fight he landed wrong and broke his elbow. We pray he heals up quickly and we can't wait to have him back on the mats!

Our Adults all did very well. A few highlights from the weekend include our super dear coach Gina who won gold on her division. She had super exciting matches and everyone was going crazy when she scored in the last 40 seconds of the fight! We are so proud that she also did absolute and took Silver!Bryan Giroux killed it in no gi winning gold!! Coach Kimberly lost on points to a very though and younger Brazilian Girl (22 yrs), but had the chance to fight for bronze and was able to win and take a medal in the adult female purple belt division. Veasna Chiek has only trained a short time and truly impressed us all. He went all the way to finals in a large division loosing a very close fight in the final and taking home Silver

Overall Results

  • Pablo  - Gold - Purple - senior 
  • Pablo  - Silver - Purple - senior - absolute
  • Pablo - Silver - Purple - Senior - NoGI - Division and Absolute
  • Miguel  - Gold - blue - master
  • Stephenie  - Gold - blue - Master
  • Javiera  - Gold - white - adult
  • Mauricio - Silver - white - master 1
  • Felipe - Competed - blue - adult
  • Benito - competed - blue - master
  • Gina - Gold - Blue- Senior
  • Gina - Silver - Blue - Senior - Absolute
  • Kim - Bronze - Purple - Adult
  • Bryan - Gold - Blue - Senior - NoGi
  • Veasana - Silver - White - Master
  • Kai - Bronze - NoGi
  • Chris - Bronze
  • Jason - Competed - NoGi
  • Sophia - Silver 
  • Russel - Bronze
  • Alex - Competed
  • Daniella - Competed


We could not be more proud of everyone and grateful for all the students and families for support!!!

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