4th Anniversary of Pacific Top Team in Corona!!!

We are CELEBRATING over here at Pacific Top Team Brazillian Jiu Jitsu in Corona! It’s our 4th Anniversary and we are throwing a PARTY!!! Everyone is invited to help us celebrate!!!

10am-Bounce House for all Kids

11am-Seminar with guest instructor Professor Beto for Teens & Adults

12pm-Open Mat

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Lastest Promotions at PTT Corona

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Corona

Starting the year off right, we are proud to share the success of some of our recent promotions! Congrats Sophia Zika for her first stripe on her yellow belt. Ahmed Ismael for your first stripe on your white belt, Chris Corros and Wilbert Vasquez for your last stripes on your blue belts and Coach Kim for her last strip on her purple belt!!

Interested in joining our Team? Call us today to set up a trial Class!

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructors Course

Instructors Course 2019 Corona

Join us for this 6 week Instructor Course designed to educate potential Martial Arts Instructors. Learn teaching methods, communication/management skills and much more. Invest in yourself, this Course is valuable if you are a student of Jiu Jitsu who is thinking of coaching/teaching in the future, a parent looking to support your child in martial arts or if you are an active instructor. There is something for everyone!

Space in limited, Register HERE to reserve your spot today!!!

First Time Course Participants $197

Update your Certification $50

Contact Us

210 Dupont St. Suite 104 Corona, CA

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Happy New Years!! Let's talk about Goals!

Happy 2019!!!

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New Years brings a lot of people to New Years Resolutions. What is a resolution? It’s a firm decision to do or not do something. I think most people think of resolutions as all or nothing. A common New’s Year Resolution is to Lose weight. The problem is, is that the second you don’t make an effort to lose weight, maybe you have a bad day or skip out on the gym once, you make the conclusion that you have failed your resolution and then you quit on it. I don't believe in New Years Resolutions, however I do think the new year is an excellent time to write Goals for the next year.

Goals are different from resolutions in that they are not all or nothing. You set a goal, then you make a plan and set out to work on it everyday. It doesn’t matter if you have a momentary slip up, you can start again the next day. Setting goals is important to make improvements and progress in life. If you don’t set conscience goals, then life will just pass you by. Teaching kids at a young age how to set goals is an important life skill. This week GOALS are our topic of our mat chats at Pacific Top Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Corona. From our 5 year olds to our teens, we are talking about What goals are, Why they are important to have and what some of our personal goals are. It’s amazing once you get a conversation like this started, how bright our PTT kids are and the reasons they came up with of why goals are important to have. Just a few reasons the kids at Pacific Top Team feel it’s important to have goals

  1. Goals motivate you.

  2. Goals help you grow

  3. Goals help you have a target to shoot for

  4. Goals help you develop a plan to reach your dreams

  5. Goals Hold you accountable.

  6. Goals give you direction

  7. Goals give your confidence

  8. Goals give you purpose

  9. Goals help you have a feeling of accomplishment

  10. Goals help you to BE YOUR BEST

What are your Goals? Do you have yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals? Does your child?

Want your child to learn how to set goals while being active, learning self defense and antbully skills? Then Jiu Jitsu should be on their schedule for 2019 and we have the program for them! We have classes for kids starting at young as 3 years old! Don’t Wait! Call today and schedule their Intro class!

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IBJJF No GI Worlds

ibjjf no gi worlds

Congratulations to our competitors for their hard work and dedication to have their moment at the IBJJF No Gi Worlds with the best Jiu Jitsu athletes in the world. Big Congrats to Coach Kim Bowser for her No Gi World Title. Coach Bryan Giroux for his Bronze Medal and Veasna Chiek for making it to the second round overcoming injuries to be there.

Pacific Top Team hosted a No Gi Camp the weeks prior to this event to help get our competitors ready! Our next Training camp will be in March for IBJJF Pan Ams!! If you are interested to attend the camp, please contact us at (951)662-0162 for more information.

Congratulations to all our competitors! We are very proud of all of you!!

End of the Year Kids Belt Promotions

Kids Jiu Jitsu Belt Promotions Corona

We host kids belt promotions at Pacific Top Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3-4 times a year. We are so proud of all our kids for their hard work and dedication on the mats. We had over 20 kids test and be promoted this time! Way to end the year strong!

Congratulation everyone on their new belts!

End Of The Year In-House Tournament Recap

We held our annual end of the year in-house Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament at Pacific Top Team Academy in Corona on Friday, December 14th. We had nearly 60 competitors, from both our adults’ and kids’ BJJ programs. It was very exciting to bring the community together for this special day. There were plenty of exciting match-ups, new friendships forged in the fire of competition, and family members cheering from the sidelines as the BJJ competitors moved up through their brackets.

First, the kids’ matches began at 6:00 PM, and the energy was high throughout the building. For many of the kids, this was their first time in a Jiu Jitsu tournament, and some of the competitors were as young as 3. Next, the adults bracket began at 8 PM. In the adult divisions there were also students who were competing for the first time. Experiencing the nervousness and thrill of a competition for the first time is a unique and sometimes a little scary. Because of that, on occasions like this, it’s especially clear why we are lucky to have such a large Jiu Jitsu family. In the world of American BJJ, it’s somewhat rare to belong to a school that has enough students to put on a big in-house competition. Through the participation in this event, it’s exciting to see how much the sport and community has grown since Professor JP opened his first Corona academy in 2015 and Professor Boris Valle Vista earlier this year. We’re looking forward to many more tournaments in the years to come!

Check out these photos from this weekend!

210 Dupont st Corona, California 92879

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Operation Homeless Stay Warm Open-Mat

We are proud to support the Sixth Annual 

"Winter Operation Homeless Stay Warm Project"

Together the Jiu-Jitsu community can make a big difference. We will be accepting donations of blankets, jackets and personal hygiene products. Your donations can be dropped off at the Academy 

(210 Dupont st. Corona, CA.) The pickup day is on Monday, December 17th during the open mat 

7pm to 9pm.

We welcome any academy, friends and family... all levels adults and teens 13+ to join the SUPER ROLLING (Open-Mat) Come train in a safe and friendly environment and support a great cause!

brazilian jiu jitsu open mat corona

Juan Garcia

Learn from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu II Degree Black Belt Professor Juan Pablo Garcia! This gentlemen have over 20 years of experience, He helped develop BJJ in Latin America, has traveled for many years teaching classes and seminars, competing, and training all over the world in countries like Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany and throughout the USA.! Whether you are looking to learn self defense, lose weight, or compete in Martial Arts, Professor Garcia have the knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Be part of the evolution of Martial Arts in Corona and Inland Empire as you train in our cutting edge systems of martial arts!